Academy Details

Patented teaching methods

Students learn Note values, Rhythms, Time Signatures, and Dictation in a unique method taught no where else. The patented method teaches abstract concepts (e.g. beat and time values) using concrete manipulatives that are engineered to make learning fun, fast, and effective without confusion.

Specialized teaching aids

The Academy has produced a number of teaching aids that were created specifically for teaching pre-school age children, visual-spatial learners, and beginning adults. Additionally, specially designed tactile teaching aids provide a hands-on learning experience.

Monthly Progress Reports

Every month each student receives a report detailing the progress of his or her studies. A unique point system encourages excellence and praises accomplishments.

Annual progress report

At the end of the school year, each student receives an annual summary report. The report summarizes recital evaluations, practice habits, goal achievements, and offers recommendations.

Video Recorded Recitals

We produce 3 student recitals per school calendar year.

  • Halloween Recital, with a costume contest.
  • Spring Recital, featuring competitors showcase, concertos, duets and duos.
  • Graduation Recital, with a ceremony awarding trophies and certificates.

All recitals are video recorded and made available in HD digital media formats (i.e. podcasts and YouTube). We have 3 recitals a year held at the historic Friday Morning Musicale performance hall. This Mediterranean-style building was built in 1926 and seats 385 guests. It is located just blocks north of the Hyde Park district, Tampa, FL. The first recital of the school year is in October. This is a fun recital where students may perform in costume. There is a friendly costume contest at the end of the performances. The Spring recital is in March. Students perform the piece they prepared for the National Federation of Music Clubs district level judging event. The end of the school year event is the Graduation recital. There is a ceremony after the students' performances. Every student is recognized and receives a certificate of accomplishment. Trophies, National Federation Festival Trophy Cups, and Medals are awarded to some students for outstanding achievement. Recitals are on Saturdays at 10:30 am and last about 1-1/2 hours. All performances are followed by a lunch potluck reception where all attending guests are welcome. It is a very social event where families dine and enjoy each others company.

Recital review & evaluations

The student's video performance is reviewed at the lesson following each recital. The student receives an evaluation with comments and recommendations.

Music theory game activities

The Academy uses games to make learning fun. Students are motivated through the game activities to learn theory, note reading, and rhythm.

Opportunities for certifications, competitive & non-competitive events

Students have the opportunity to participate in non-competitive music festival events at the district level and competitive events at the state level. These events are organized through the Florida Federation of Music Clubs, Inc., an affiliate of the National Federation of Music Clubs. The Festival offers adjudication for solos & concertos, theory certification, and much more for all instruments.

Students may choose enroll and follow the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program curriculum. We will prepare students to test take: musical performance, keyboard skills, written theory, sight playing and tonal identification.

Other competitive events include the Young Artist Competition, sponsored by the Florida Orchestra and Spotlight on Talent, sponsored by Heritage Arts Center Association.

Structured Individual lessons

Lessons are structured in a format including review work, current piece, and new assignments. Lessons cover specific directions and strategies to achieve weekly assignments.

Annual goals & Customized plan

At the start of each academic school year, the student, parent, and teacher cooperatively set annual goals and customized plan.

Take home Practice planners

Practice planners are custom designed to suit the needs of the student and formatted to accommodate family life styles and desires.

Friendly and nurturing environment

At the lessons, new skills are developed through repetition games and words of encouragement to nurture a "can do" attitude. Students are praised for their effort and are rewarded with positive re-enforcement.

Reward stickers & stamps

Reward stickers serve as motivation for both small and large achievements. Students earn a sticker series, exclusive to the Academy, which delineates the progress of each piece from start to finish. At the end of each lesson, students receive a stamp for their weekly assignment page.

Weekly, quarterly, annual achievement recognition

Students will earn "Piano Dollars" at each weekly lesson. The greater the effort & achievement the larger the piano dollar amount. Students are encouraged to save their piano dollars and use them to purchase items from our Treasure Chest. A prize is awarded to the Student of the Quarter in recognition of their work. All students receive an annual certificate of achievement. Some students will: win trophies for highest scores; receive medals; hour point trophies; diplomas.

Motivational Games

We use a variety of motivational games and charts to encourage excellence and achievement. A unique point system gives students concrete evidence of their weekly effort and accomplishments. Game winners and highest achievers are awarded prizes and trophies.

Basic piano lessons for the parent

The piano classes include basic lessons offered to the parent on note reading and playing skills.

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