The Piano School

We offer private piano lessons in Tampa Florida (Carrollwood area) starting as early as age 3.  We specialize in early childhood education using the Kenji Arts Method.

The Kenji Arts Method is a system of teaching using specialized products, specific learning steps, and a quantitative measurement of quality that has been developed over the past 25 years.



Our Philosophy

Talented Piano Student

We believe that music is an art form that all children can learn and enjoy. Although every child can develop this intelligence, we realize not every child will become a master of this art; nor is it necessary. We feel that the study of arts in a child's life is an integral component in the development of a complete education.

Our philosophy is to not only teach music but also, more importantly, develop fundamental life skills that are needed into adulthood. Our educational system is structured to meet individual learning styles and provide the tools that meet life's challenges.

Our mission is to foster the innate potential in every child.


What the Academy Offers…

The Academy provides a comprehensive music education including:

  • Patented piano teaching methods
  • Specialized teaching aids
  • Monthly and annual progress reports
  • Video recorded piano recitals
  • Recital review and evaluations
  • Music theory game activities
  • Opportunities for certifications, competitive and non-competitive piano events
  • Royal Conservatory Music Development Program curriculum and test preparation
  • Structured individual piano lessons
  • Annual goals and customized plan
  • Take home practice planner
  • Friendly and nurturing piano lesson environment
  • Reward stickers and stamps
  • Weekly, quarterly and annual achievement recognition
  • Motivational games
  • Basic piano lessons for the parent


  • Tampa Piano Lessons without the long term commitment!

  • Age 3 to 5:

    Four 30 minute piano lessons $135

  • Age 6 and older:

    Four 60 minute piano lessons $240

  • Offer:

    $15 off Coupon for Trial Session

  • Fraction Class

    4th grade level fractions for children as young as 5 years old.

  • Rhythm Class

    For any music student.

  • Summer Piano Lessons

    Begin June 3rd

Academy of Musical Arts • 12910 Brushy Pine Place • Tampa FL 33624(813) 264-6448